How and where to buy FAN tokens in ICO Fanadise token public sale
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How and Where to buy Fanadise token ICO in public sale

Fanadise is an exclusive content platform created for internet influencers to monetize their social presence and bring interactions with followers to a whole new level. Imagine getting early access of the videos of your favorite influencers or getting exclusive top-rated content only for you. Fanadise token sale is going on and you can buy Fanadise token from the public sale here.

There are hundreds of ICOs that come on a daily basis, but only a handful has the potential to grow. We list some of the high-returning potential ICOs here.

Vega token is currently available only on Fanadise Launchpad. The VEGA sale is structured to take place in stages, in which any interested qualifying party may participate.

What is Fanadise token $FAN token?

Fan token is a cryptocurrency used by fanadise to provide subscriptions to the influencer’s fan. By using these subscriptions the fans/users will get exclusive content from their influencers. Creators get a cut of what fans pay for their NFT as well.

Influencers, will release their exclusive, premium pictures or videos and show their backstage life. Just similar to Youtube subscriptions. This will make the fans feel special and they see themselves closer to the influencers. The fans are the first ones to listen to your songs, chat with you, interact with special comment stickers. Get special merchs or giveaway if subscribed.

Role of FAN token in Fanadise platform

The FAN token is a standard BSC network token and is used to purchase subscriptions to their favorite influencers. There are several subscription tiers available, influencers can create their own custom subscriptions:

Subscription tier for fans in fanadise example

FAN Token Community Sale Details

The Fan token presale is completed on and public sale allows the community to purchase FAN tokens at $0.075 per token.

Sale Period: 06/27/2021 at 00:00 UTC till all tokens sold
Eligibility: KYC required and you can complete it on Fanadise launchpad.
Minimum Purchase limit: NA
Maximum Purchase limit: NA
Official website:

You can participate in FAN token community sales from here.

There are a total supply Fanadise tokens is 1,000,000,000 FAN. 2% of tokens are sold at $0.05 in presale on A complete guide on Fanadise tokenomics is currently not available on their website. Though it is provided in their official Medium channel and you can access Fanadise token tokenomics here.

Who invested in Fanadise FAN tokens?

Here is a full list of FAN token backers and supporters, though there are several others onboard. Majority of them will be the bigger individual influencers.

Why invest in FAN Tokens?

Looking at the Fanadise, it looks similar to that of Rally, or a Youtube subscription platform. Though it is one of the first projects providing subscriptions on the blockchain. Which makes their network more robust and accurate.

It is expected to go at least 3-10x just after the launch of its platform. If they managed 10k influencers on board from several countries then it can scale further. Their NFT products also look like LIT. Though, it is recommended to do your own research before investing any penny.

How to buy FAN Tokens from Fanadise launchpad?

Click this link to register yourself to fanadise launchpad. On clicking the link you will see the screen something like below:

Use Sign up with Google or register the form with your email id and password, agree the terms and then click Register.

Step by Step procedure to buy FAN token from Fanadise launchpad

Once you create an account with fanadise launchpad. After that, you just need to follow the procedure. As you can see there are 5 steps to participate in fanadise public sale.

Step I – Sign up here:

Step II – Complete the KYC, fill in your details, name, address, country of residence, mobile number, and submit. After submitting the KYC something like below:

Now, wait for their confirmation on your KYC submitted. Once they verify the KYC, you will get an email from them and thenafter you can buy FAN tokens from fanadise launchpad.

As it is a BEP20 network, you need a Binance Wallet to receive these tokens. If you don’t know how to create a Binance wallet then visit this guide and create one.

Once you receive the confirmation mail on your KYC you need to buy FAN tokens. Login to the Fanadise launchpad again and simply pay for it in one of the cryptos listed there. You can also use FIAT to buy tokens like USD, EURO and buy FAN tokens with Debit cards like Mastercard and Visa.

Buy FAN tokens step by step guide on Fanadise Launchpad

With that many options, I will recommend to buy FAN tokens with BNB. If you don’t have any BNB you can use Binance exchange and buy it from there. Here is a small tutorial on how to use Binance exchange for beginners.

That’s pretty much it. After the event FAN token will be locked in the contract and assigned to the wallet you created in Fanadise launchpad. You can import it to your Metamask anytime.

Key Takeaway

Fanadise looks like a robust platform for both fans and influencers. Though there are already products that are doing the same but not on the blockchain. This can be a unique platform. They are going to launch their NFT marketplace in the third quarter, and mobile app in the fourth. By the end of the year, they also go Defi. We believe in the project just like we believe in other ICOs and recommended our users.

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