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Binance exchange is one of the most popular Asian exchanges people use as of now. Many users don’t know but Binance provides a 5 – 10% discount on trading fees. This occurs through their Referral system. If you have registered your account with some specific affiliate link then you can get these discounts on every trade. You can use the mentioned links at the bottom of this post to get discounts or cashback in binance trading fees.

Binance Discounts Cashbacks

Binance provides a referral system or affiliation network with which users can help other people to join the binance platform. The new user will get up to 10% of cashback every time they trade on trading fees.

How to get Binance Discount

To get the trading fees discount you need to register on Binance with these specific links –

get a discount or cashback in Binance trade fees

To get 5% cashback on each trade register yourself with this link. Fill out your details and whenever you trade you will get 5% of trading fees back to your account.

To get 10% cashback on each trade you need to register using this link. Register yourself with this link and get a 10% off discount on your trading fees every time you trade any cryptocurrency.

What is Binance Referral System

Binance has a very unique referral system. To promote their platform they let their users refer/affiliate other new users. When the new user joins from that link both the current user and new user get cashback in some ways. Other big exchanges have the same promotions going on like one of these below:

Crypto Exchanges
{Affiliate links for rewards}
Offers [Only if you register with affiliate link mentioned]
KucoinSave 10% fee discount on every trade
HuobiSave 10% fee discount on every trade
Gate ioSave 10% fee discount on every trade
MXCRewards up to $100
HotbitSave 10% fee discount on every trade
OKXGet up to $500
CoinbaseGet $5 on first trade
CoinlistGet $10 on first $100 trade
ByBitGet $20 on first deposit
FTXSave 5% fee discount on every trade

Just like if you use my previous links and register yourself to their platform and buy/sell any crypto you will get 10% cashback back to your account from your trading fees. Binance takes the trading fees every time you buy/sell any cryptocurrency. By registering through other referral/affiliate links you will get a 10% discount on trading fees every time your trade.

Register yourself with these links and get assured cashback on each trade you do with Binance Exchange –

Get instant 5% Binance discount (If only registered with this link)

Get instant 10% Binance discount (If only registered with this link)

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