Kucoin exchange referral code 2020 pool-x, futures
Kucoin Referral code is 7sf1fb for Kucoin Futures, Kucoin Pool-X and Kucoin Exchange. Get exclusive discount on trading fees and rewards ...

Kucoin Referral code is 7sf1fb. You can use this code or this link to register and get up to a 10% discount on trading fees on all three Kucoin Futures, Kucoin Pool, and Exchange. Kucoin Affiliate program is to promote its platform as there are more than hundreds of exchanges are coming yearly.

Kucoin exchange referral code 2020 pool-x, futures
Kucoin exchange, Kucoin Futures and Pool-X referral code by Techcrook.com

What is Kucoin Exchange?

Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that let its users to buy/sell cryptocurrencies. It supports all the Debit/Credit cards for deposits. It is an international exchange available all over the world and claims that every 1 out of 4 crypto trader is also registered with them.

What is Kucoin Affiliate Program?

There are currently three Kucoin affiliate programs that are going on for all three products.

Kucoin Exchange Affiliate Program and Referral code

Kucoin Exchange where user can trade their cryptocurrencies. The biggest advantage of Kucoin’s affiliate program is their exclusive fees discounts to the new users when they join with referral links. The referee will get 20% of their trading fees for a year.

Kucoin Referral code 2020 – 7sf1fb

What is Kucoin Pool Referral Code and Affiliate Program

Kucoin Pool is another product that they had launched after a great demand. The user can stake their cryptocurrencies and earn cryptocurrencies daily.

Kucoin Pool (Pool-X) Referral code 2020 – 7sf1fb

Or use this invite link to Register of Kucoin Pool and save your trading fees.

What is Kucoin Futures Referral Code and Affiliate program

KuCoin Futures lets you trade various leveraged contracts that are bought and sold in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Trade Easier, Profit More!

Kucoin Futures (futures.kucoin) Referral code 2020 – 7sf1fb

Or use this invite link to register on Kucoin Futures.

The Current Biggest Kucoin Exchange Competitors 2020?

Kucoin exchange biggest competitors are

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