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How to create an Ethereum wallet with MIST

In this, you will know how to create and use the ethereum wallet on Mac OS using MIST. After this guide, you have your own MIST wallet for storing Ethereum and ERC20 compatible token.

MIST wallet is a type of paper wallet which is used to store Ethereum and ERC20 Tokens (ie. Tokens based on Ethereum). It is called a paper wallet because you can print your wallet’s Private and Public keys and save it for you.

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Setting up a MIST wallet is easy and we are going to mention each and every step required to create a simple and secure Paper wallet using MIST.

Step 1:

You need to Download the latest MIST release from here For this tutorial, we are using Ethereum Mist for Mac OS. Please make sure you download from this link only.

Step 2:


Step 3:

Click SKIP on “Do you have wallet file”.

Step 4:

Enter a secure password and Enter it twice so that they can check you have not mistaken your password. Make sure to put something hard to guess the password, as if someone gets that password can get access to all the tokens and ethereum present in it.

Step 5:

You will get Main Account address which you will use for funding your wallet with Ethereum or ERC20 Tokens. Be sure to write it down somewhere safe as you can’t able to view it afterward.

Step 6:

Click NEXT and wait for the download.

Once the download is completed you will see Account Overview, you can use SEND to send the ether from your wallet to others. To receive the ether from other parties, simply share your address which we saved at step 5.

That’s it. You have successfully created an ethereum wallet with MIST.

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