Claim Zetachain Airdrop ZETA token

This tutorial explains how to claim Zetachain Airdrop tokens ZETA for testnet users. If you are not a Zetachain testnet user even after that we will explain how you can be eligible for future airdrop. Earlier, we wrote about participating in the Zetachain testnet to get a guaranteed airdrop here. Now, that you completed here is how to get your ZETA token airdrop. Follow this step-by-step guide and claim it before it gets listed over exchanges. Just in case if you don’t know recently AltLayer paid $100 million as Airdrop, Manta did $80 Million in Airdrop. So, keep up.

Those interested in the ZETA token can also buy it from Kucoin, OKX, MEXC, and Gate on 2 February 2024. It is very important to register and get your KYC done to buy ZETA tokens before it reaches to MOON.

Zetachain Airdrop Details and Claim Guide

Zetachain Airdrop is available for everyone who participated in Zetachain testnet which has been available since 2022. There were 3 testnets in total including their latest Athens 3 testnet. If you participated in testnet and completed certain criteria then you are eligible for the airdrop. For Zetachain eligibility you can see the below list of who are eligible for the airdrop.

The Zetachain $ZETA airdrop will be claimable after Mainnet fully launches. Anyone will be able to come back to ZetaHub at that time to claim. Users may be required to complete KYC onboarding procedures to claim their airdrop.

ZETA Token Airdrop Eligibility Criteria

Zetachain token airdrop eligibility criteria are given below, if you have completed any of the below tasks before January 28, 2024, then you are eligible for ZETA token airdrop.

  • The snapshot for data was taken on August 20th, 2023. Data was pulled from ZetaChain’s testnets as well as connected networks in order to detect bot groups with similar activity, in collaboration with Any data after the snapshot was not included in the calculation.
  • Airdrop packages have been calculated based on on-chain testnet and ZetaLabs data. Users receive varying amounts depending on the ranges of invited user points, transaction points, existence of transactions on testnets/mainnets, and bonus multipliers based on the date-ranges they joined. The highlights above denote the core reasons a wallet is receiving the amount it is assigned. Read more about how these are calculated here.
  • Airdrop scams are very common – please check your URL and ensure that you are only connected to known and authorized websites. is the only valid URL for claiming your airdrop. All others are impersonators and should be ignored.
  • This drop will be on the ZetaChain zEVM network. Before moving your ZETA anywhere, be sure you’re on the intended network to reduce the risk of assets being lost.

How to Claim ZETA token Airdrop

There are two phases to claiming Zetachain ZETA token Airdrop as per Zetachain blog.

First Phase – You need to complete the KYC and proof that you are a verified user.

Second Phase – Claiming. To claim your airdrop you have to visit Zetachain Hub (Official website) and then click on the claim button, the claim will airdrop the tokens to Zetachain Mainnet i.e. Zetachain zkEVM.

Missed Zetachain Airdrop? Here is how to claim more ZETA Airdrop

Once Zetachain airdrop to testnet participants will get completed. The ZETA will launched in mainnet and similar to SUI, SEI, MANTA, and zkSync they will launch a big buffet of funds for their ecosystem of new projects. At that point, every project will get the grant and start building on Zetachain which ultimately grow their network.

Now, what you need to do is follow us on Telegram to get regular updates on this Zetachain ecosystem airdrop details in depth.

So, now what you need to do is visit the Zetachain ecosystem apps here – and visit the dApps one by one and access these apps. By accessing we mean to do at least 5-10 transactions on the Zetachain Athens Testnet and later on Mainnet. This will help you gain points, and transactions and make you eligible for future airdrops for both Zetachain and dApps tokens.

Check out Zetaswap, zkME, P12, AbstraDEX, and several others.

Key Takeaway

Keep it up with the market. Claim as much free money as possible with these airdrops. Claim your Zetachain airdrop and be ready for upcoming more than 10 different airdrops including Blast, Taiko, zkSync, Linea, and several others. Search for dkryptoindia on Telegram, Instagram, and Youtube for more in-depth details and upcoming crypto airdrops weekly.

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