In this article, we will see what is Windows.old file, why these files are important and How to delete Windows.old folder from Windows 10, 7, 8 and 8.1. This folder has its significance, so delete them only when required. Though, they get automatically deleted after a month.

What is Windows.old file?

Windows.old file gets automatically created by Windows when you install fresh Windows in your system. When you do the fresh install, the operating system(Windows) create a copy of all the windows system files, your installed software and user settings of every profile. So, that if you ever want to recover your previous installation, you can do that from here.

It automatically get deleted by your operating system after a month.

Is it safe to delete Window.old files?

So, now we know why Windows create these files. Now, let us understand the risks involved before know how to delete it.

It is preferred not to delete Windows.old folder as it gets automatically deleted after a month. Sometimes, it happens that the new version gives you problems at that time this folder is helpful to recover your previous software and windows.

I have also provided a step-by-step guide on What is $Windows.~BT folder and How to Delete it

How to delete Windows.old folder?

As this is an important folder, Windows never let you delete this folder that easily. That’s why this folder is hidden by default. You have to first show all the hidden folder. If you don’t know how to show hidden folders you can check out this article.

If you can see that folder after unhiding it, you will see that you can’t delete that folder. So, to delete that folder you have to follow these instructions. Just go through the instructions or watch this video.

Step I – Search for Disk Cleanup from the Windows search and open it.

Search for Disk Cleanup

Step II – Choose the disk/drive on which your Windows is installed. Generally, it is selected by default in disk cleanup. Click OK.

Select the drive and Click OK.

Step III – You will see a new popup something like the figure given below. Click “Clean up system files”.

Click Clean up system files

Step IV – It will again ask for the drive you want to clean. Choose the same drive that you have chosen earlier that is the same drive which has windows installed.

Step V – Now scroll and check the “Previous Windows Installation(s)” from there and Click OK.

Check Previous Windows Installations and Click OK

Now, it will take some time, once done. You will find that the folder gets deleted from your system. That’s it.


We understand what is Windows.old file and why windows didn’t let us delete this folder normally. We also know the risks involved while deleting this file. We also know when to delete it and how to delete it.

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