Did you heard that market get bullish in cryptocurrency or stock market and thought what it is? Here is the how we define bullish and bearish in cryptocurrency.

What is Bullish and Bearish in cryptocurrency? Seen this terms very often at forums and chats but don’t know the exact meaning in terms of cryptocurrency.  In this article, you will understand the meaning with examples.

Always going up – Bullish

Bullish is the slang term which indicates: “An expectation/believe that price is going to increase”.  Generally used in stock and cryptocurrency markets. It is just a feeling about the market. May or may not be dependent on the market situation.

For example: If you think that some coin is going to big, then you are bullish on that coin.

Going down – Bearish

While here is another term that is Bearish which is opposite to the Bullish that represents “An expectation/believe that price is going to decrease”.

For example: If you think that some coin is not good(slanged as shitcoin) then you are being bearish on that coin.

Does price of a coin depend on it?

Yes, a little, if people think that concept is good, people behind them is good. People go bullish on that coin and depending on the supply and other factors, the price goes up. While in the case of bearish, when people think that the coin has no relevance at all they just reject or ignore it and hence we call it people are bearish to them and they go down.

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