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How to download and add an external font in Microsoft Windows

In this tutorial, we will talk about how to download and add any additional font to your Windows PC. With this, you can also add a font in your any software that exists in your Microsoft Windows.

If you want to add some fancy font in your Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MS Paint or any of software that you installed in your system.

Any software, like Camtasia, Wondershare Filmora or any other installed in your system, uses the fonts that are available in your system. So, to add any font to any of the software you have, you have to install the font directly to your system which will be automatically grabbed by all the software that you have.

Follow this step by step instructions or just watch the video below:

First, visit any website like 1001fonts, Google Fonts or any other and choose a font that you want to download.

When you download a font, it will be a zip file which you need to extract. You can do it by right clicking on the zip file and Extract the files here.

Once the files are extracted, you can see there is a files with extension .otf or .ttf. If you are not able to figure out the TTF or OTF or WOFF files just follow the below tutorial and enable the view file extension.

To know how to enable file extension follow this guide –

Now, right click on these OTF, TTF files and click Install.

What you can also do is copy these OTF, TTF files and paste it into Control Panel > Fonts directly.

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