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Stader is a non-custodial smart contract-based staking platform that helps you conveniently discover and access staking solutions. The staking is live for Terra Luna, and $500M+ people are already staking LUNA on Stader. The major investor is Coinbase Ventures, Pantera, Huobi Ventures, Solana Ventures, and a majority of others. Stader SD token sale will occur on Coinlist from January 25, 2022. Here is a step-by-step guide on how and where to buy Staderlabs (SD) tokens ICO from Coinlist. Here is a step-by-step video guide in the Hindi language on how to buy Staderlabs SD token ICO from Coinlist.

Stader labs SD token sale is completed and now you can buy SD from Coinlist Pro,, OKX, Huobi, and Bybit. As per our analysis, SD token ICO was expected to give 3-8x and SD ATH was $8.93. Our users bought at $4.5 and $3.33 which means 2x profit for Option 1 ICO buyers and 3x to Option 2 ICO buyers.

It is very difficult to find potential ICOs nowadays. So, we have created an individual page, where we share potential ICOs, you can check out the upcoming potential ICOs from this page.

What is Staderlabs SD Token?

Staderlabs is offering the most convenient & safest way to stake. All Luna staking rewards and stables will be auto-compounded. Stader promotes decentralization by spreading your stake across multiple best-in-class validators with a single click. The APY rewards are being paid in SD tokens. You can buy LUNA tokens from Kucoin, Binance, and Huobi.

SD Tokens will earn revenue through three mechanisms: Commission on reward strategies, commission on liquid staking tokens, and distribution commission from validators.

Stader is also allowing Community farming. During community farming, you will continue to earn all airdrops, you can view your holdings & claim them with a single click on the Manage Holdings tab under Portfolio. You will get access to the Protocol airdrops like Anchor, Mirror when you stake with any Stader Pools. For getting validator-specific airdrops like $ORION, $TALIS you would need to stake with the Airdrop plus pool which has the validators as a part of it.

Stader SD Token Public Sale ICO

The Stader Community public sale allows the community to purchase up to $500 worth of SD tokens. The user will be able to buy SD tokens from Coinlist at $4.5 and $3.33 per coin. You can buy it from Coinlist.

Stader token Sale date on Coinlist: 01/25/2022 at 18:00 UTC and 01/25/2022 at 23:00 UTC
Eligibility: Not for USA, Canada, and China individuals
SD token total supply: 150,000,000 SD
Stader token ICO’s available for sale on Coinlist: 6,000,000
Minimum Purchase limit: $100
Maximum Purchase limit: $500
Official website:
Stader Token Whitepaper: Whitepaper

You can buy Staderlabs SD tokens from Coinlist with BTC, ETH, USDC, ALGO, SOL, and USDT. Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to buy the SD token mentioned below.

The token sale is only available on Coinlist so don’t follow any other source.

Why Stader token ICO sale is a good investment?

Staderlabs has already raised $16.5M from several top venture funds. Stader token product is also live and users can stake Terra Luna tokens on their platform. There are already 50M+ tokens staked on the platform generating SD tokens as rewards to the users.

Also, as per their roadmap, they are soon releasing staking opportunities for Solana, Ethereum, Fantom, Hedera, Polygon, and several others. They have very good angels backing them up like Polygon CEO, Coinbase head of marketing, and several big others.

Looking at its supply the ICO price looks a little overvalued. Looking at the circulating supply it has a lot of room to grow but it is also providing rewards in SD tokens since November. So, more than 0.5% token is already airdropped to the users who have staked the LUNA earlier. We can expect about 3-5x of profits just after launch. And for those who want to invest long term, they can expect 2-5x in the next 1-2 years. For more such upcoming potential ICOs join us at our ICO page.

Who invested in Stader Token?

Stader token completed several rounds of private fundraising with investors like Coinbase, Three Arrows Capital, Pantera, Huobi, Solana, and several others. They have raised $12.5m through these investors. Apart from that, they are expected to raise another $30m with this public funding on Coinlist.

Stader token investors coinlist

How to get into Coinlist Stader token Priority Queue?

As we all know, the Coinlist also provides guaranteed allocation to the users who participate through the priority queue. To get into Coinlist priority queue you have to do certain tasks which increases your Karma points. These karma points can get into the Coinlist priority queue.

Although, you can also get into the priority queue from the project side. This is how you can get into Coinlist Stader token priority queue from the Stader side. You have to connect your Terra Luna wallet to and stake some LUNA to the platform. You can buy LUNA from Kucoin, Binance, Huobi and transfer them to your wallet.

You just need to stake your LUNA tokens and then complete this form on the website, with the exact same email id that you have registered with Coinlist. Here is an official blog by staderlabs on how to get inside the Coinlist Stader token priority queue.

Coinlist Stader token priority queue

How to buy Stader SD Tokens from CoinList?

Click this link to register yourself to CoinList for buying Stader SD Tokens. On clicking the link you will see the screen something like below:

how to buy FLOW gaming token from CoinList
Registration page for buying SD token from Coinlist

Step by Step guide to buy SD token from CoinList

Once you create an account with CoinList. After that, you just need to follow the procedure. As you can see there are 5 steps to participate in the SD token community sale.

Entity – Getting the details about the project. How much you want to purchase and all about coins. Fund your wallet and you can use BTC, ETH, USDT, ALGO, SOL or USDC to purchase the SD tokens.

Residence – You can participate in any sale unless you are from the US, Canada, or China.

Identity – It needs KYC, so here is identification. Submit your ID proof documents. It can be anything, your driving license, passport, or id proof with your address on it.

Photos – In this step, you have to capture yourself live with the identification proof that you have just submitted.

Security – You have to accept the risk warning and funding your wallet.

Status – It represents that you have completed the form and shows the status of your purchase. Once they deduct the funds you will now officially get the SD token as per their release schedule.

You will get your SD tokens in your account once the sale period ends after the sale is completed. SD tokens will be released and will be in your Coinlist account on January 25, 2022. Later which you can sell it get listed on Coinlist Pro, Coinbase, and Hotbit.

Learn how to buy Stader SD token from Coinlist ICO in Hindi –

Key Takeaway

The Stader token is a good project and the hype is too much. From this buying guide, you can buy Stader tokens in ICO which is a good deal and we know it’s going to jump higher. There is always a possibility that the platform gets hacked and its price turned to around negligible or maybe go to the moon. Therefore, do your own research as well instead of blindly following anyone.

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