Earning money with LUNA after Terra luna UST crash

Due to recent unfortunate events, the price of Terra LUNA went down to 99.98% and it wiped up billions of money forever from the market. UST the stable coin around LUNA also went to almost 0. With this, the people are calling it the biggest scam of all time. Although it is not like that, the community and CEO are trying their best to revive the project. They are constantly proposing solutions and people are currently voting for them.

It is quite possible that you know what happened with LUNA? If not, here is a great article explaining everything to you in 3 minutes.

So, how people are earning with LUNA now after the crash

People are waiting for a more reliable and robust solution. Looking at LUNA’s CEO and community efforts, the people are again started trusting and started investing in the project again. Either due to FOMO or those who want an instant pump. As it is already known that once they come up with a reliable and robust solution, the price of LUNA will gain momentum. Of course, it will not suddenly reach and make everyone a billionaire but, currently, it is worth pennies, and people already started making big bucks out of it.

The LUNA price went to 0.00002$ in the crash and now it is trading at 0.0002$ per token. So, if you invested at the dip you must have gained 10x in the current market. Please, please, please invest only what you bear to lose. Don’t invest until and unless you understand the project and its details. 30% of LUNA investors withdraw their funds at $40-$50 per LUNA because they know what happened and are active in the community. Remaining, they thought, it’s a just small dump, and the community earned millions by shorting the LUNA on Cryptocurrency futures exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, and Huobi.

List of Exchanges where you can buy LUNA

No KYC is needed in these below exchanges to trade LUNA –

Kucoin – Join Kucoin

Huobi – Join Huobi

OKX – Join OKX

BuyUCoin – Join BuyUCoin

Hotbit – Join Hotbit

KYC is needed for buying/selling LUNA –

Coinbase – Join Coinbase

Binance – Join Binance

Key Takeaway

It is quite possible that the price of the Terra Luna project can go both ways. But we also know that in March, Terra Luna passes even Ethereum to become the second-largest staked asset. This means that the community is strong and has more than 300 million users all over the world. Considering this, the community is doing everything to make the project bring back into the game. Of course, it is risky and that is why the majority of local exchanges already delisted the LUNA till it gets back on track. With this list of exchanges to buy LUNA you have an advantage over those traders and even though it’s a risk, you know the community is big enough to fail and hence it will give a good return if some robust solution comes out.

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