Best altcoins to invest right now to get profits in 2021

So, what we have seen till now that whatever lists on #1 exchanges like Coinbase get all the butter instantly without doing anything. Some examples of these coins are CVC, DNT, NU, look at every coin that is being listed over Coinbase. So, with this strategy we will let you know which low-valued altcoins cryptocurrencies will give 300% profits in 2022. The same is happening on Binance though but you will get profited something equivalent in 2-3 months.

What is Coinbase?

How Coinbase listing moons the cryptocurrency prices
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Coinbase(Get $10 when you register and trade with this link) is considered to be the oldest cryptocurrency exchange with strong support and maximum security. Coinbase is available in more than 100 countries and users can buy and sell directly with debit/credit cards. They have ensured their funds and 80% of the total funds are offline to save it from any hacks and instant loss of funds.

Why crypto prices go up with Coinbase Listing announcements

Coinbase procedures for listing new coins are very different and they took a lot of research. That’s why they have only around 40 cryptocurrencies since 2013 available for trading. While exchanges like Binance have more than 300 cryptocurrencies listed since 2017 though it has its own research wing. Though we have seen that other exchanges like Binance, Huobi delist the cryptocurrencies. Coinbase just doesn’t like to betray its users or listed cryptocurrencies like that.

Coinbase Twitter activity. Every tweet done by coinbase is closely monitored by several analysts to find out the sentiment and buy/sell accordingly. They have around 3.3k tweet since 2012, so there is only announcements and important information on their Twitter account.

We have seen that just after an announcement of listing of new coins over Coinbase made the price go to the moon.

Their Coinbase Ventures funds new project which they think have potential and list the majority of these cryptocurrencies to their exchange. So, if you find out which cryptocurrencies they have invested in and get it in as an early bird, you can get 300% to 10000% very soon. You can use CoinList to become early investors in these new cryptocurrencies.

How Coinbase Ventures changing the world
Coinbase Ventures vision to create an open financial system

Note: Investing in newer cryptocurrencies is riskier, so choose wisely afterall its your own money. These is just a point of view or author and user need to do a thorough research before investing their hard earned money.

Which low valued altcoins will give 300% or more profits in 2021

Looking at the strategy above, that is, investing in those coins that are expected to get listed over Coinbase in 2021, we can achieve that profit percentage. So, what we gonna do is look at those cryptocurrencies that are going to get listed over Coinbase in 2022 with simple logic.

Recently, NuCypher gets listed over Coinbase which soars its price to 200% till now, which is expected to go 700% in the next 3 months. No one is expecting NuCypher to get listed over Coinbase, though as it is backed by Coinbase Ventures, we already got my bags full at an earlier stage. We were bullied on it at the start and get it from Coinlist by staking Ethereum. Later, we also filled our bags when it gets listed over Hotbit.

I will recommend you to join both CoinList and Hotbit exchange if you are a pre-investor in new coins. CoinList is a pre-ICO investment platform that lets invest in solid potential tokens. It earlier provided an opportunity for ROSE, CELO, FLOW, Solana tokens which get a big hit as we all know. While Hotbit is one of the biggest exchanges that list each and every cryptocurrency to its platform. So, it gives around the same opportunity as early investors for some cryptocurrencies.

So, which cryptocurrencies give 3x profits in 2021

Now, considering that Coinbase will list each and every coin that it supports what I did is bought bags of these coins in earlier stages. To find these coins you can visit Coinbase Ventures where it lists all of the cryptocurrencies that it backs. So, as per the current scenario, you can list it down get yourself prepared by registering on both Coinlist and Hotbit so you can get a chance to invest in these projects as soon as they are available.

Best low valued altcoins to get most returns in 2021

Again just letting you know, this is totally an unexpected market and anything can happen. Please do your own research before blindly following anyone.

Now, here is a list of cryptocurrencies with expected profits of 300% – 1000%+ or more in 2022.

KEEP – A privacy & censorship resistance layer for Ethereum.
Official Website | Available on: Hotbit | Kraken

RSR – Reserve is a flexible pool of stablecoins designed to reduce risk through diversification and decentralized governance.
Official Website | Available on: Huobi Global | Binance | Hotbit

AUDIO – Giving everyone the freedom to distribute, monetize, and stream unstoppable audio.
Official Website | Available on: Binance | FTX

RALLY – Rally is for forward-thinking creators. Creators who want to give back to their community using blockchain technology. Fans can buy, donate, and hold their favorite creator’s creator coin.
Official Website | Available soon on: Hotbit

NEAR – NEAR Protocol is designed to make apps usable on the web. Already being used by some big companies like Flux, Mintbase.
Official Website | Available on: Huobi Global | Binance | Hotbit

MINA – The world’s lightest blockchain, powered by participants. The smallest blockchain and anyone can verify it within seconds even with a mobile phone.
Official Website | Available soon on: Binance | Hotbit | CoinList

FLOW – Dapper labs FLOW token presale completed on CoinList and the coins are distributed with 1 year of locking period. 12,000 users took part in this presale with Coinlist. Here is the official website for FLOW for more details.
Official Website | Available soon on: Kraken | CoinList

We are expecting 70% of these cryptocurrencies above will give atleast 200-1000% profits in upcoming year 2022.

Key Takeaway

This is totally our analysis and we believe in it. Though, we will again remind you to do your own research before blindly following anyone. No one can predict with even 90% surety. Though this strategy is legit and is expected to work, how its worked it now. You can bookmark this page as we are going to keep it updated. Also, you believe that you have a more clean strategy then you can comment or you can also write an article for us to get a shoutout on our homepage.

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