How to participate in sui network testnet airdrop buy sui

Sui Network is a new blockchain platform try to fix the problems that Ethereum has. It is more scalable, secure, and consistent. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to create a Sui wallet, get some sui testnet and devnet tokens and have done some transactions so if at the end they provide any Sui coin airdrops to their testnet users, you will be there to receive.

SUI vs Ethereum and why SUI network is a big deal?

One prime difference is SUI is designed to be more scalable. The Sui network can handle a lot more transactions than Ethereum which saves a lot of money in gas fees. Whenever there are tonnes of transactions happening in Ethereum we have seen the gas prices goes up and sometimes transactions fail as well. Also, ethereum has several security issues as well, we have seen so many cases where it has been hacked. Sui is more secure than Ethereum.

Overall, Sui network is a new blockchain platform that is designed to solve some of the problems that Ethereum has. Sui network is more scalable, secure, and efficient than Ethereum.

What is Sui testnet and Sui Airdrop

Testnets are a way to deploy the product/network between real users to see their responses, get their feedback, understand their market, and create hype. Sui network testnet is here for the same reason so before the live net they can understand, the limitations, feedback, and their blockchain network. Some projects like Nexon Finance already doing their testnet and providing their testnet users with free tokens or like Linea Network who rewards their testnet users with NFTs and $GHST tokens.

Sui Airdrop

Similar to that, it is expected that Sui testnet users will get rewarded with Sui tokens or Sui Galxe NFTs that can later be sold in the market. As of now, there is no confirmation on Sui airdrop but there is the possibility that the Sui testnet users will get rewarded with some kind of tokens, early access, or priority on upcoming sales on Kucoin, OKX, and Bybit. So, register now with these exchanges, complete the testnet, and wait for their official announcement for more.

How to participate in Sui Network Testnet with Sui wallet

How to install Sui network wallet on PC

1. Download and install the Sui Wallet on your computer through Chrome or Edge browser.

sui wallet extension for brave browser

2. Create a new account on the Sui network by clicking on the “New Account” button on the main page of the Sui Wallet.

create a new wallet in sui wallet

3. Enter your desired account password and confirm that password again and click on Create Wallet.

sui wallet create and install

4. Now your wallet is created successfully, copy your recovery phrase and you are ready to start the testnet or access the sui wallet devnet.

sui wallet recovery phrase testnet

How to participate in Sui testnet or devnet – Sui Faucet

Now to participate in Sui testnet, follow the below step-by-step guide with Sui wallet extension.

1. Once you have a wallet you will see testnet or devnet under Sui logo inside the wallet, we just created above.

sui testnet faucet tokens

2. Now click on Request Testnet SUI Tokens to get some SUI tokens that will help you do some dummy transactions and pay the gas fees. As it is a testnet, this doesn’t have any value.

3. Now, do at least 10-15 transactions, anywhere in Sui apps, like on and on Just play around buy some stuff, put some on stake, and something like that.

Done!!! Now you successfully have participated in the SUI network testnet. You can also join Nexon incentivized testnet in a similar fashion. Here are the details.

How and Where to buy Sui token ICO

Sui token ICO is coming on the following exchanges. To buy Sui token ICO, you have to buy it from certain exchanges. Just follow this guide and choose the best exchange where you can buy SUI token ICO and participate in the SUI token sale.

How to buy SUI token from Kucoin Spotlight and Eligibility

Kucoin Spotlight – The best exchange where you can buy SUI token ICO. Kucoin Spotlight is the IEO platform of Kucoin Exchange. To participate in these SUI coin ICO, you have to follow these steps –

  1. Register on Kucoin – Here
  2. Complete the KYC
  3. Hold at least $50 worth of tokens to get 1 lottery ticket.
  4. It is on a raffle basis, so if your ticket is won, you will get the allocation of up to $37 of SUI coins.

How to buy SUI token from OKX Jumpstart and Eligibility

OKX Jumpstart – Another biggie, where you can buy SUI token ICO. OKX Jumpstart is the IEO platform of OKX Exchange. To participate in OKX Sui token sales, follow these steps –

  1. Regsiter on OKX – Here
  2. Complete the KYC
  3. Hold at least 1 OKX token worth $40+ and for every OKX token, you will get a lottery ticket.
  4. If your ticket wins, you can get allocation you can buy an SUI token from $10-$100.

How to buy SUI token from Bybit and Eligibility

ByStarter – ByStarter is Bybit’s official IEO launchpad. You can join the SUI token sale from here as well if you are a verified SUI token supporter. It is exclusively for Sui token community. Here is how you can participate in the Bybit SUI token sale –

  1. Register on Bybit – Here
  2. Complete the KYC
  3. To be a verified Sui token supporter, you can check it here –
  4. If you are a supporter, you can get an allocation from $10-$100.


Sui testnet is available till today, if you want to join you can. There is no guarantee or any official statement from the team regarding the airdrops to sui testnet users. But they are going to give some kind of rewards later on, just like we saw in Nexon finance, whose testnet is still live. To buy the SUI token from ICOs you can use Kucoin, OKX, and Bybit. If you are still bullish on SUI you can later buy the SUI tokens from these exchanges – Kucoin, OKX, and Bybit.

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