top Cryptocurrency exchanges in India bitcon list

Here is the list of secure and trusted best and top cryptocurrency exchanges in India. You can use this exchange in India to buy cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar with FIAT/INR. These platforms let you buy with Debit/Credit cards as well as cryptocurrency wallets like Paytm. You can also use Internet Banking for trading cryptocurrencies.

List of Best and Top cryptocurrency exchanges to buy bitcoin in India

Top secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges that let you buy Bitcoin (BTC) with cash are listed as follows:

WazirX – #1 cryptocurrency exchange in India

Currently most trusted and best as per 10M+ users in India. Recently being bought by Binance make it more resourceful and highly secure. It ranks top on Coinmarketcap in terms of volume of trading per day in India. Having a Binance team working with them makes them more credible and its users are enjoying the additional offers that make it far more away from other Indian exchanges.

Like now you can connect your Binance account with WazirX and do instant USDT transfers is one of the biggest. For this, you must have an account with both of these exchanges though. Also, the fees are way lower than other competitive exchanges.

best cryptocurrency exchange in India Wazirx

Just like others, WazirX also uses KYC to prevent its users from frauds, and their support team is very helpful. Having the easiest user interface makes them more smooth working. As with their limited functionalities, they saved their platform to become over-complicated.

Here is how you can easily trade cryptocurrency with WazirX. If you still have any questions, here is WazirX FAQ for your help.

Bitbns – #2 cryptocurrency exchange in India

Bitbns started early when Koinex was leading exchange in India. But after the RBI restriction, they took a lot of time to come back. Till then WazirX already occupied the market by providing their simple exchange and Bitbns again became the #2 exchange. Later they try to surpass their additional features like Margin Trading, trading API, Stop limit. Which made its user interface quite complex and a lot of confusion.

#2 cryptocurrency exchange in India as per Coinmarketcap

Though if you are an advanced trader you need stop limit and margin trading. But for the introductory phase, this was quite complex and the beginners shifted to WazirX.

It is still on #2 in terms of Volume trading per day in India as per Coinmarketcap. If you want more information, or have some questions here is Bitbns FAQ for your help.

Unocoin – Oldest cryptocurrency exchange in India

The legend that started way ahead of all with limited competitors. They killed themselves by not changing anything, they didn’t change. While everyone is inventing, experimenting they stayed with their old methods. In 2017, when the majority of Indians started investing in cryptocurrencies they have to choose either Zebpay or Unocoin.

Unocoin was not able to handle such a number of requests and KYC get delayed by months. That’s when people lost their trust. They are still following their old designs which are very painful to eyes. They weren’t able to handle their users, the trading platform is just not good. Being legend still keeps them in the race and still working.

Binance and Coinbase

These are two international exchanges that also works in India and let you trade 140+ cryptocurrencies. Considering any of Indian cryptocurrency exchanges they have only upto 30 cryptocurrencies to trade. So, here they are very helpful if you register and transfer your funds to invest in other cryptos too.


The above list was based on proper analysis and reviews from several different websites. I have mentioned only trusted exchanges considering they are on Coinmarketcap and older than at least one year.

Let me know if you have any other exchange that fills the above criteria and considered as trusted. You can also send your questions directly to us from here.

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