Best secure Binance alternative with low fees

Binance is one of the exchanges where about everyone the cryptocurrency traders have been once. There are several exchanges that provide way more excellent features like brokerage, wealth management, investing in equities like Apple, Netflix with FTX. These Binance alternatives are much better and people are moving over there.

So, here I am sharing a list of Binance Exchange alternative with the additional features that they provide apart from what exists on Binance:

Advanced Binance Alternative cryptocurrency exchange: Huobi Global

Huobi Global — Huobi Global is the biggest competitor to Binance in every aspect. We have seen how Binance replicates its features just after their launches on Huobi Global. Huobi has two platforms, Huobi Korea and Huobi Global. It is very similar to Binance and has many additional features like:

  • Brokerage (OTC)
  • Providing $170 Welcome Bonus for new users. Register now.
  • Wealth Management with Asset servicing, lending, locking, and mining.

Huobi is very big name and has a trusted cryptocurrency exchange since 2013.

Binance alternative exchange Huobi Global
Huobi Exchange alternative to Binance

Best Binance Alternative – Kucoin

Kucoin Exchange — Kucoin recently got a bad reputation when they get hacked but with their influence, they managed to get it out from that. Though, they also said that no user or trading was affected and ensure users that they are backed by insurance. They had made their affiliate program stronger to get more new users by providing them fee rebates.

Kucoin Exchange, best alternative to binance exchange
Kucoin Exchange alternative to Binance

This binance alternative exchange is way mature and quite popular. It provides soft and fixed staking as well with pool-X. Provides all the features that Binance provides. P2P, Margin, Futures, Earning with Lending, staking, and working on its own chain as well.

Superior Binance Alternative – PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT — The main reason for including PrimeXBT on this list is because of the additional extraordinary features that it provides. With this platform you can not only invest in cryptocurrencies but also on:

  • Invest in Commodities like Gold, Silver, Oil with Bitcoin
  • Can also invest in Stock Indices like NASDAQ, SP500, etc.
  • Invest in Forex currencies AUD, GBP, EUR, etc.
  • Convesting that allows you to automatically copy top-performing traders and achieve the same returns.

Register now with this link to get 5% trading fee discount on every trade.

Prime XBT is a Best binance alternative US
Best Binance Alternative – PrimeXBT

This cryptocurrency exchange also lets you use 100x leverage on trading any cryptocurrencies or commodities as well. Register with this link to get a 5% instant rebate in fees.

Hotbit Exchange alternative to Binance

Hotbit Exchange — Hotbit is quite a new but weird Binance alternative. Launched in 2018, consider it a newbie that lists each and every cryptocurrency on its platform. If you are one of the early investors or invest in presales often, you must know this exchange. It’s ranked #1, in terms of the number of pairs of cryptocurrency it has. You can read this article to know more about Hotbit. 

Hotbit exchange as binance alternative
Hotbit Exchange — Binance Alternative

As each and every requested coin are listed here, hence the majority of early coin investors are registered to this platform. We have seen NEAR, NU, BEL, AXE, and several others get listed here before anywhere else. It’s a legit platform and we often see high liquidity when it lists some new coin.

Kraken — Way behind Binance, but very reliable and legit and can be considered as an alternative to Binance. An early bird in the cryptocurrency exchange world. Just like Coinbase.

Coinbase — Definitely a perfect Binance alternative. Though it is available only in some countries, you can see if it is available in your country here. Though the additional features that Binance and Huobi Global provided are not here. But it is trusted to be the best cryptocurrency in the whole world and is considered to be the eldest member of a cryptocurrency exchange that started in 2012.

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