Hotbit exchange is safe things to do before registering
Hotbit exchange is safe things to do before registering

Hotbit started in January 2018 and registered with Hong Kong and Estonia. Hotbit exchange is located in Shanghai and Taipei. Already having 800,000+ registered users from all over the world. You can trade with Hotbit from Russia, Japan, South Korea, Asian countries like India, UAE. The core members are from the USA, Taiwan, and China. Hotbit doesn’t need KYC for trading.

Hotbit platform is available in English, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Turkish as of now which is a great accomplishment for a 2-year-old exchange. Their aim is to become the Amazon of the blockchain industry.

Why use Hotbit Exchange?

Registering and login are very easy with this exchange as KYC is not needed for trading. You can register with the link as well to get a 10% instant trading fee discount on every trade forever. Or just add DKezVk in Referral code at the time of registration and get a 10% rebate in trading fees.

hotbit referrer code for 10% discount

Hotbit is quite frequent to adapt new coins and technologies to their platform. According to Coinmarketcap, this Shanghai-based cryptocurrency exchange is under Top 70 cryptocurrency exchanges with their 24-hour Volume.

Hotbit is ranked No. 1 among all exchanges regarding the number of types of cryptocurrency projects listed. At the time of writing this article, it has 682 coins with 1323 pairs.

Data from Coingecko (27/09/2020)

So, if there is a coin with huge potential and the cheapest rate will come, it will definitely get listed here before any other exchanges. Just like Bella, Wing, YFII, YFFI, and Flamingo(after listing it went 325x to its base price on the listing in 30 minutes) token which gets listed here before anywhere else.

Security level at Hotbit Exchange

The exchange is also very secure with two top audit teams Slowmist and Beosin. And with B+ rating considered as safe as its competitor Binance. We all know that even after great security the platform can get hacked. Even Binance, Kucoin, Bitfinex like exchanges are hacked on several occasions. Here is the most recent example of Kucoin being hacked.

Hotbit Partners

Hotbit is partnered with some of the biggest brands in cryptocurrency world. Including: F2pool, Spark Pool, Mytoken, Slow Mist, HashQuark etc.

Hotbit Fee Structure

Deposits of any token is free on this platform.

Maker’s transaction Fees: (-0.05%) – Negative transaction fee means makers do not have to pay the transaction fee. Instead, Hotbit will return extra bonuses to the makers.

Takers transaction Fees: (0.2%) Taker transaction fee applies to any users who offer to take any type of buy or sell orders placed by any makers, which thus decreases the market depth of the order book. You can lower it by holding HTB tokens up to 60%. While if you register with someone’s referral link it will again get reduced to 10%. You can use this link or use DKezVk in the Referral box at the time of registration for this.

Get more information about fee structure from here.

Key Takeaways

Registering with Hotbit exchange can be very profitable if you research before investing in any coin. As it lists each and every coin, you have a lot of options. Some are just shitcoin but some are just legit like YFFI, Flamingo, etc. you can get your profits from. Registering with someone’s referral is preferred as you can save a tone of money you spend on fees.

Note: Cryptocurrency markets are risky and you have to be precautious about everything going around. At the end it’s your money, invest wisely, don’t blind follow anyone, do your own research.

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