Where to buy NuCypher tokens before Coinbase Pro listing

NuCypher(NU) whose total supply is 1,038,710,295 and circulating supply is 377,250,000 NU. You can buy NuCypher tokens (NU) without KYC from Hotbit Exchange. NuCypher is backed by Coinbase Ventures and is going to list on Coinbase Pro soon as mentioned on their Twitter. Register on Hotbit Exchange with our referral id DKezVk and get up to 40% rebates in trading fees on every trade forever.

The price jumped like freak after the below news pops up in twitter feed.

You can use Uniswap or Hotbit to buy NuCypher tokens or NU tokens instantly. The first thing looking at Hotbit exchange comes to our mind, is it safe? Yes, it is quite safe. You can read about how safe Hotbit is to trade with here. Now, to understand how to register with a referrer code see the below image for reference.

hotbit referrer code for 10% discount
Increase it to 40% by holding HTB tokens.

Once you register with Hotbit you can buy any coins. The biggest advantage of using Hotbit is that it lists new cryptocurrencies as soon as they came into the market. Hotbit listed NU on the 15th of October this year, as backed by Coinbase Ventures we do know that it will go to moon.

NuCypher History

NuCypher earlier did its presale on the CoinList platform. CoinList organizes presales of potential tokens and considers very reputed. It generally chooses presales of only great coins. It did the presales of Oasis ROSE tokens, Dapperlabs FLOW tokens, CELO, and several others. You can register on CoinList with this link to get $10 when you trade $100 worth of cryptocurrencies.

buy Nucypher token price chart coinbase pro

How to Buy NuCypher tokens?

You can buy NuCypher tokens from Hotbit exchange or Uniswap.

We will recommend our users to Hotbit. Even you don’t want to trade then at least get yourself registered with it. As it gives us the same opportunity as presale investors as it lists each and every coin to its platform and provides enough liquidity.

Also, Hotbit provides 5% to those who provide liquidity to the exchange. So, if sell your coins here and provide the liquidity you will get 5% more than other exchanges. You can see how their fee structure works from here.

Key Takeaway

NU recently got attention from all users just by its large gains. The project is good though, but invest wisely, don’t blindly follow anyone, do your own research. Though if you are still interested in buying some Nu tokens or NuCypher tokens you can buy it from Hotbit.

To know more about NuCypher visit its official website – NuCypher

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