Does your laptop get overheated on a regular basis? Even if don’t use heavy apps still your laptop get heated? We will change the System cooling policy in Windows 10 settings and fix this problem. If this is the case then this step by step fix is for you.

Step I – Go to start and click settings.

Click setting from start

Step II – Choose System from the Menu.

Choose System from Settings

Step III – Click Power & Sleep from the left menu and from Related Settings, click Additional Power Settings.

Select Power & Sleep and from right click additional power settings

Step IV – Click on Change Plan Settings, and change brightness to the minimum possible.

Click Change advanced power settings

Step V – Click Change Advanced power settings and “+” icon in front of Click Processor power management and change Maximum processor rate to 75%.

Click on 100 and change it to 75% in processor rate

Step VI – Now move to System cooling policy and change both to the Active.

Change System cooling policy to Active for both batter and plugged in.

Click Apply and close the popup with OK.

That’s it!

Still facing some problem doing this, here is step-by-step video for you –

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