Upcoming Potential ICOs

There are hundreds of ICO coming daily, but only a few of them have a future. The main purpose of this page is to provide the best of upcoming potential Initial Coin Offerings from the cryptocurrency space. Bookmark this page for the future and keep visiting, as it gets updated on daily basis. We already know, how our suggested FLOW token ICO came out to be with a 3800% profit. Maybe you get the next FLOW token from this list, maybe not. But these ICO projects are well-researched. I will mention only those projects, which I believe, I also invest in. Yes, there are possibilities of losses, so instead of blindly following me, please DYOR as well.

WLKN(Walken)21 June 2022Register now on Huobi
FreshCut BurnDrop10 May 2022Completed on Kucoin
Aurigami ICO5 May 2022Completed on Kucoin
ONDO token SaleCompletedCompleted on Coinlist
Dark Land SurvivalCompletedCompleted on KrystalGO
ARize Token SaleCompletedCompleted on KrystalGO
Melos Studio Token saleCompletedCompleted on Kucoin
Zebec Token SaleCompletedCompleted on Republic, Listed on Gate, Kucoin
Tribal Token SaleCompletedCompleted on Coinlist
Axelar TokenCompletedCompleted on Coinlist
Stepn9 March 2022Listed on Binance, Kucoin, OKX, Huobi
Subsocial3 March 2022Coming on Tokensoft
LBP(Launchblock.com)9 March 2022Completed. Buy LBP on Huobi, Kucoin
MetaGamzCompletedCompleted. Buy on Gate
PlutoniansCompletedCompleted on TruePNL, Listed on Gate, Kucoin
LyberOngoingOngoing on TruePNL
NaffitiCompletedComing on TruePNL
AlgoblockCompletedComing on KrystalGO
Nanobyte23 February 2022Completed on KrystalGO
KingdomX Token Sale9 February 2022Completed on Huobi
Altava TokenCompletedCompleted on TruePNL
NYM token9 February 2022Detailed Article, Listed on Coinlist
Perion21 January 2022Detailed Article – Listed on Gate
Cardashift27 January 2022Completed
Spellfire Token Sale26 January 2022Completed and Listed on Huobi
Atlas Token Sale25 January 2022Completed and Listed on Huobi
LOOT Token Sale24 January 2022Completed and Listed on Huobi
Affyn Token SaleCompletedCompleted on TruePNL, Listed on Gate
Mine Free SHIBOngoingComplete tasks and get free SHIB – Huobi
Mine Free FLT tokensOngoingRegister and complete KYC to get 600 FLT – Flitpay
Monster GalaxyCompletedCompleted and Listed on – Bybit
Meta FighterCompletedCompleted on TruePNL, Listed on Gate
Carbon FiCompletedCompleted on TruePNL
Pontem NetworkOngoingParachain Crowdloan – Join here
Gari Token SaleCompletedListed on – Huobi, Kucoin, OKX
Love Token SaleCompletedListed on – Huobi
ParaStateCompletedCompleted on Republic Co
Polygen Launchpad8 DecemberCompleted for Polystarter, Polygen
Gadget WarCompletedCompleted on TruePNL, Listed on Gate
HighStreet FinanceCompletedCompleted on Binance, Listed on Binance
Blockpad25 NovemberCompleted on TruePNL, Listed on Kucoin
BitHotel19 NovemberCompleted on TruePNL
Solchicks on Solana26 NovemberCompleted on TruePNL
Seor on CELOCompletedCompleted on TruePNL
Cheesus DeFICompletedCompleted on TruePNL
CropBytes CBX5 November 2021Completed on Bybit
Chingari4 November 2021Completed on Republic Co, Listed on MXC
Portal FinanceMid-FebruaryUpcoming on Republic Co
SolClout Sale 25 November 2021 Completed on TruePNL, Listed on MXC
Gods of Guardians Sale10 November 2021Completed – Read More, Listed on Gate
Gods Unchained Token Sale13 October 2021Completed – Read More, Watch Video in Hindi
Braintrust Token Sale09-16 September 2021Completed – Read More – Buy on – Coinbase, Hotbit
Immutable X Token Sale08-14 September 2021Completed – Read More, Listed on Gate
Coin98 Token Sale23 July 2021Completed – Read More – Get it on – Binance
Flow Token Sale22 Nov – 2 Oct, 2021Completed – Read More – Listed on Kraken, Huobi
Casper Token Sale23-31 March, 2021Completed – Read More – Listed on Huobi, Hotbit
XEND Token Sale 22-24 March, 2021Completed – Read More – Listed on MXC
Rally Community Sale1-3 April 2021Completed – Read More – Listed on Hotbit, Kucoin
MINA token Sale13-18 April 2021Completed – Read More – Listed on Bilaxy, Kraken
Clover token Sale20-23 April 2021Completed – Read More – Listed on Coinbase
Covalent Token Sale29-30 April 2021Completed – Read More – Listed on Coinlist, Gate
Centrifuge Token Sale26-31 May 2021Completed – Read MoreCoinlist, Kucoin
VEGA Token Sale02 June 2021Completed – Read More – Listed on Coinlist
Fanadise Token SaleOngoingCompleted – Read More – Listed on Gate, MXC
Efinity Token by Enjin26 June 2021Completed – Click here for Efinity token sale details
Swarm Token Sale14-15 June 2021Completed – Click here for details – Listed on Hotbit, Gate
Karura Token SaleStaking till 27 JulyCompleted – Click here for details – Listed on Kraken, Hotbit

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