how to copy text from website which dont allow

So, you have to copy some text from some website, but websites didn’t let you do that. Is that so? Then this article is for you. I will show you step by step how to copy text from websites that don’t allow on google chrome you to do that. We will see two different ways to do it.

We are going to use Chrome’s developer tools to copy. So, the only requirement that we have is, using the website in Google Chrome. As they have the best developer tools.

The Layman’s way –

Open the webpage in Google Chrome.

Click CTRL + SHIFT+ I.

Now, something opens up in the browser itself, something like the below image which is called developer tools.

How to copy text from websites that don't allow using chrome developer tool

Click on Elements and then Click on Event Listeners, you will see there is a list of something comes up. Expand them until you see an option to remove them.

Now, remove them one by one. Once the list is empty you can now able to copy-paste anything from the document.

For those who want to know what we did above is –

We did remove all the scripts(Javascript) that make the website letting you stop copying from the page. The Javascript is a web language with which the webpages are created with HTML and CSS.

Alternate Way to copy text from websites that don’t allow –

A little easy but you have to do a lot of work to copy a paragraph.

Click CTRL + SHIFT+ C.

Now, something opens up in the browser itself, something like the below image, we call it developer tools.

Now, select the text on the screen you want to copy. When you select that text, in the developer tools you will see the text. Just double click on that text and click copy.

You can also view this video for detailed step-by-step process –

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